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Carpenter Insurance

One of the most in-demand jobs in the country is carpentry. Every year thousands of new homes are being built, new office buildings and hotels are being constructed, and many establishments are being fixed. Simply put, it’s one of the most stable industries to be in—perfect for contractors who are seeking great profits and fast growth.

But if there’s something that can hold you back, it’s the lack of insurance. The kinds of insurance policy you should obtain depends on what state you are in, but the point is, you cannot operate a carpentry contractor enterprise unless you have the right insurance policy.

Why do you need Carpenter Insurance?

True, some carpenters and contractors of such do not have any insurance policy, but they are the ones who are already on the losing end. Even the smallest wrong move can drain all their assets and bring their business to ashes.

For example, a carpenter can fall off the roof while repairing or installing it, or he can touch some live wire and eventually die. It’s normal for his immediate family to seek financial claims. It’s also likely that a carpenter was negligent, causing harm not only to the property but also the owner and the rest of the public. They can sue your company as well.

These types of situations can be extremely unforgiving, and they don’t only destroy your reputation, but they can take away everything you’ve worked hard for.

With an insurance policy, though, you can create a cushion and protect yourself and the business for as long as you’re willing to operate. The general liability insurance can cover all the costs associated with damage to property and injury (or even death) of the public due to an error or accident caused by the carpenter. The umbrella insurance, meanwhile, can absorb whatever amount that needs to be settled but is already beyond the limit of the general liability insurance.

You can also insure your workers. Not all states have made workers’ compensation mandatory, but you may still need it just in case the carpenters suffer from injuries or accidents. The work comp is also helpful if your carpenter develops an industry-related illness or becomes disabled because of his line of work. In case he dies while fulfilling his duty, you can have something to give to his bereaved family.

Contractors 1st Insurance

For all your business insurance needs, there’s only one company to call: Contractors 1st Insurance. With more than 30 years’ experience working with up-and-coming as well as small contractors and enterprises, surely we have created an excellent reputation and track record for ourselves.

Our insurance coverage comes from some of the best companies in the country, such as Progressive, Guarantee, Zurich, Travelers, The Hartford, and QBE. Simply fill out all the necessary details in our Quote page, and we’ll supply you the list within 24 hours.

We also offer a variety of contractor bonds such as performance, bid, payment, and license.

We can surely help your business grow and build a good reputation. Call us today at us.