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Inland Marine Insurance

Tools & Equipment Insurance

As a contractor, your tools and equipment are an important part of the on-going success of your business. It can take years to build the type of assets you need to properly execute every project. If you are working at different properties on a daily basis, your normal insurance might not cover your tools and equipment. What would you if your equipment was lost or stolen?

Tools and Equipment Insurance or “Inland Marine Insurance” is an important part of protecting your business for the future. Contractors 1st Insurance has a complete insurance solution to fit your tools and equipment insurance needs.

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Tool Insurance was created to protect your property and the property of others while moving from place to place. Originally designed to protect property coming overseas, but ultimately it will cover property even once it had made it to land.

In today’s world, Inland marine insurance can be associated with any cargo that is transported, including storage and holding.

Do You Really Need Inland Marine Insurance?

If you are a contractor inland marine insurance or “tools & equipment insurance” is an important part of your risk management program and is the first step in protecting your business assets. What are the tools that you carry in your truck every day are they valuable to completing every project? Your typical general liability coverage normally does not handle these items.

As a contractor, you are also transporting materials for your clients from the supplier to the project site. Sometimes accidents can occur while moving these materials; Inland Marine Insurance will protect you from financial loss if something is to damage these materials.

Inland Marine Insurance Covers:

Tools and Equipment insurance will cover your property if it can be transported from site to site. Some areas that inland marine insurance covers include:

  • Mowers, excavators, and other heavy equipment
  • Trailers, wagons, and transportation equipment
  • Electronic equipment, including computers
  • Landscaper equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Goods are transported by truckers
  • Equipment used by contractors that conduct service calls

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Why Contractors 1st Insurance?

We understand that Inland Marine Insurance can be confusing. The agents at Contractors 1st Insurance will walk you through the benefits of proper Tools & Equipment Insurance. You can contact an experienced agent at us or request a quote online.

As a Contractors 1st Insurance client you have access to our agents 24/7 to get your questions answered. You can trust that you are only receiving superior service and coverage from “A” rated carriers.