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Payroll Services & HR Management

Contractors 1st Insurance has complete payroll services that can help you to improve your payroll management and help you grow your business into the future. Contractors 1st Insurance helps you to streamline your payroll process so that you are able to spend more time on the important aspects of your business and less time on processing payroll, payroll tax, benefits administration, and other HR functions.

Contractors 1st Insurance will manage all the tasks involved in processing your payroll and other HR functions. We ensure that your payroll is accurate and on time every time.

How Payroll Services can Improve Your Business:

  • You can manage your entire payroll from an easy-to-use interface
  • Accurate payroll tax calculation
  • Every company employee has access to their payroll through mobile payroll solutions
  • Access and report on payroll, HR services and time and attendance data using customized, on-the-fly reporting
  • Avoid fines and penalties with accurate time entry, calculations, tracking
  • Professionals with the knowledge to plan how regulatory and other changes to both employment and unemployment laws will impact you
  • Lower the risk, incidence, and impacts of fines, penalties, lawsuits, and judgments
  • Reduce HR management burdens with self-service features for managers and employees

Payroll and HR management is an important part of your company’s success, ultimately it affects the net income of your company. Also having happy employees is an important part of driving a successful business. Nothing will make an employee mad quicker as not getting their paycheck on time.

What Payroll Services Provides:

Wage/Hour Compliance

The U.S. Department of Labor oversees federal laws regarding employee classification, minimum wage and overtime pay, minimum paydays, final paycheck criteria, meal and rest period requirements, and many more. Failure to comply with just one of the many federal laws could result in you paying back wages, damages, a waiting time penalty, and attorney or court fees. You could also face civil and criminal penalties from the federal or state government.

Do you have time to keep up with every law and regulation that has to do with your payroll?

Withholding Compliance

The federal government requires you to withhold certain taxes, such as Medicare, Social Security, and federal income tax play pay your own share of the taxes. That is just the federal side of taxes, there are also state taxes to contend with. Noncompliance with tax laws can result in the agency filing liens against your property, levy against your property, or could be referred to prosecution.

Tax Filing

As a good employer, you want to give your employees the best service possible. A key reason why payroll should always be accurate is that employees are required to file their income tax return based on what you file. The taxes being withheld dictate how much your employees get back from the government when they file their taxes. If you report the employee’s wages and taxes wrong, it can result in problems for your employees when they file their tax return.

Like every small business, there is always the responsibility of doing your payroll and managing the payroll process. Larger companies have the luxury of having a dedicated person for payroll. As a small business owner, you cannot afford to have someone full time devoted to payroll. You have many things on your plate and the process of payroll can be tedious and time-consuming.

When you work with a Payroll Professional like Contractors 1st Insurance you have the ability to free up important time to work on the aspects of your company that make you more money and give you the ability to grow. Contractors 1st Insurance also takes on all of the liability associated with running payroll and filing payroll taxes.

Call us to speak to a Payroll Specialist about how to streamline your payroll process.