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Cleaning Business Insurance

For those who are in the cleaning contracting business, here is good news for you: the construction industry is doing extremely well. Since your job is dependent on the number of spaces that have to be cleaned, the growth of buildings, health care facilities, schools, and even factories spell great business for you.

But you cannot afford to ruin it by not having any kind of commercial insurance. If you are still thinking about what to get, the following may be a good start:

General Liability Insurance

Trips and slips are the most common accidents in any building or workplace, and sadly most of the victims are not the cleaners themselves but their clients. Unfortunately, not all of them are nice, and they are willing to push your business to the brink of extinction with a huge demand for compensation. As a small contractor, you will not be able to afford that.

Protect your business coffer by applying for a general liability insurance coverage instead. In cases where there are aggrieved parties or damaged properties, you can tap on it to cover for all the associated costs. To further shield you, buy umbrella insurance. Once you have exhausted the general liability insurance, there is the umbrella to cover the excess charges or claims.

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Worker’s Compensation

Cleaning may look easy, but it is not. A lot of cleaners complain about back pains and asthma attacks. Some develop degenerative diseases due to prolonged exposure to chemicals (that is why it is also a nice idea to switch to something green). Worse, a number die while fulfilling their work.

A worker’s compensation ensures that your employee is not left to fend for himself during accidents and illnesses. The insurance also covers any loss of income during hospitalization and treatment.

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Employment Insurance

The employment insurance has been gaining traction the past few years as employers become more susceptible to a variety of lawsuits filed by their own employees. Knowing how volatile the cleaning business can be—the turnover rate is very high in the industry—it is best to keep your business protected from cases or claims against wrongful termination, hiring decisions, libel, and breach of contract.

Applying for Insurance

Depending on the state where you are in or your preference, you may need at least 2 commercial insurance policies. That means you may have to spend a lot of time shopping for them.

Your business should be your priority; as for shopping, leave the job to us. We have around 30 years of working experience, enough proof we are good at what we do. Aside from the above-mentioned kinds of coverage, our company also offers professional liability, commercial auto, tools and equipment, and commercial building. We can also take care of payroll and leasing.

Contractors Connection has several agents that are ready to manage your insurance needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have also streamlined the application process by sending you a list within a day after filling out the Free Quote form.

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