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Crane Operator Insurance

The construction industry is certainly in full swing. AIA (American Institute of Architects) has, in fact, raised its forecast for the year 2013 to more than 6 percent. The growth forecasts for the different factors have also moderately increased. In 2013, the industrial facilities will go up to more than 45 percent, along with hotels and office buildings. Retail shops will experience growth of no less than 9 percent. If you are in the business of crane operations, this means a huge opportunity for expansion and income boost. Do not let anything ruin it by making sure your business is protected with crane operator insurance.

What Should You Get?

There are plenty of commercial insurance policies you can choose from, and the requirements may differ from state to state. But usually you need a general liability’s insurance coverage.

Over the years, cranes have become responsible for damages suffered by office buildings, commercial establishments, and homes. Debris may find their way on roofs and on roads, causing destruction. Cranes may hit walls and even human beings. All these give the public the right to sue your business for compensation. If you have a general liability’s insurance, you don’t need to dip into your pocket to pay for such damages or even lawyer’s fees.

You can then pair this insurance policy with an umbrella insurance coverage. Any potential excess spending shall be absorbed by the umbrella insurance, further protecting your business profits and other assets.

Worker’s compensation is just as significant as general liability and umbrella insurance. After all, your business’s main resource is your people and that operators are also prone to injuries, accidents, and disabilities. According to OSHA, death from crane operations comprised over 5 percent of all the fatal deaths in the construction industry between 1991 and 2002.

The worker’s compensation insurance policy guarantees that your hardworking employee remains economically stable after the accident. If he meets his untimely death, his family is able to survive from whatever death benefits they can obtain from the said insurance. Work comp covers, among other things, physical injuries, occupational illness, and recurrent injury, such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome (caused by repetitive use of the hands and wrists).

Give Yourself the Peace of Mind

Today you’ll find a lot of businesses that offer commercial insurance. The problem is most of them cater to large enterprises, so premiums are often excessive or requirements are too difficult to fulfill.

Small- and medium-scale contractors should better approach Contractors Connection. We currently provide a variety of insurance policies, including tool insurance, commercial auto insurance, professional liability, and employment insurance specifically for start-ups or small contracting businesses. We can also act as your surety company should you need contractor bonds.

We can also customize our insurance policies to suit the needs of your business. Because of that, you are able to maximize your premium and even enjoy large discounts.

Contact us today to know more about our offers by dialing 1-800-253-7040. Our customer support is available to answer all your questions and concerns. You can also fill out the Quote form and receive feedback within 24 to 48 hours.