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Heavy Equipment Insurance

Whether you are in the business of supplying or manning heavy equipment, there is one definite thing you should have: heavy equipment insurance.

Granted, you can operate your contracting business with no insurance at all. But are you also ready to answer the following questions:

  • Can you face the state should you be questioned by the lack of it?
  • Can you personally pay for your employee’s hospitalization, disability, or death?
  • Are you ready to bear the loss that could happen should the equipment get damaged, lost, or stolen?
  • Can you be responsible enough to face an angry public if you happen to destroy public properties and lives?
  • Are you confident you can be profitable all the time?

Unless you answer yes to any of the questions, it is obvious that the only way to defend your business is to buy insurance.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Since you are a heavy equipment contractor, it makes perfect sense to purchase tools and equipment insurance. Depending on the coverage, it may be valid while the goods are in transit or until the equipment has arrived in its exact destination.

Regardless, the main purpose of this insurance is to protect you from potential losses. Many things can happen while the equipment is on the way: it can get damaged, it can meet an accident, it can sink into the seas, and it can be stolen. The insurance may be utilized to pay for the equipment (or up to its agreed value). The insurance is also ideal for the maintenance of the equipment.

Contractors Bond

The kind of contractor’s bond to apply for depends on the demand or the requirement. For instance, a client may request a performance bond as proof of your commitment to complete the job as stipulated in the contract. A bid bond guarantees you are financially stable to finish the project based on the price of the bid and the allotted time. A contractors bond is not insurance per se, but it is still essential since it gives clients peace of mind and enhances your credibility.

General Liability Insurance

Pieces of heavy equipment are, well, huge, and they are prone to accidents. This also means that they can hurt the public or destroy properties. The general liability insurance sees to it that business and personal assets are protected from any kind of claim. You can also have a buffer through umbrella insurance.

Workers Compensation

As long as you have employees with you, you should have workers’ compensation. It is a way of looking after the needs of your greatest resource. Besides, companies that provide such entice a lot of candidates.


There are so many potential providers out there, but they do not have the extensive professional experience like we do. Being in the business for 30 years, we are the gurus of contractors insurance, providing payroll and leasing, employment insurance, and heavy equipment-insurance policies.

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