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Insurance for Cell Tower Climbers

It’s not a surprise that cell tower climbers have the top most dangerous jobs in the world. If you think about how high they have to climb and in some instances, in severe weather conditions, you would think that cell tower climbers have the best insurance policies too. In the fast-developing industry of mobile phone technology, telecom companies are racing to expand their reach, to improve their services all in a bid to capture the volatile market. In its wake are cell tower climber deaths that are steadily rising. In order to protect both you and your workers, you definitely need Insurance for Cell Tower Climbers.

Important Cell Tower Climber Insurance Policies

Workers Compensation

The best protection that you can get for both your company and your cell tower climbers is workers’ compensation insurance. If you are aware that the number of cell tower climbers injuries and deaths have risen, then you need, as soon as possible, to invest in a comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance that will help pay for damages arising from your cell tower climbers’ injuries and deaths which happened in the course of their doing their jobs.

Workers’ comp will pay for medical expenses if your worker is hospitalized. If your employee has to recuperate at home and he has to miss a number of working days, he is also entitled to receive his salaries and wages, which you need to pay for. In the event of the death of a worker, his family is entitled to receive death benefits and can even reimburse their funeral and burial expenses. If you consider the total expenses that you have to pay to compensate your worker and his family in the unfortunate event of injury or death, the total will be significant enough to put a dent in your company’s expenses. That is the reason why a lot of companies prioritize workers compensation insurance because it helps in defraying the compensation costs for employees.

General Liability

Cell Tower Climbers are also at risk with damaging other people’s property especially when tools or some equipment fall. There is also a chance that cranes and other heavy equipment can malfunction and cause destruction to whatever is surrounding the cell tower location. In cases like these, you need to prepare a hefty sum as compensation for whoever owns the property. If you’re not prepared to spend for such circumstances, then it will be a good idea to have General Liability Insurance in the first place to take care of such compensation.

If you are becoming worried about the number of injuries and deaths that befall your workers despite taking the necessary safety precautions, then it may be to your advantage to consult with an insurance provider to find out just what insurance policies are suited to your line of business. It’s as much a benefit to you and your company as it is to your workers and their families to have something to rely on during unfortunate events. Feel free to call us at us for any queries you may have.