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Logging Insurance

Ordinary jobs often get taken for granted especially when it comes to buying insurance for the company and its workers. But, it’s a different case if your business involves cutting down trees to turn into logs, transporting them to turn them into lumber and clearing them for fire prevention. Logging companies have to deal with a variety of risks involving dangerous activities for their workers so it’s imperative that business owners invest in Logging insurance.

The number one concern for logging companies is that when cutting down trees, they need to be careful that they don’t damage anyone else’s property. They need to make sure that when felling trees, they fall where they won’t hit people or buildings. But sometimes, despite careful preparations, something goes wrong and this is where your Logging Insurance kicks in.

Logging Insurance Policies

General Liability Insurance

If you have General Liability Insurance coverage, then your company will be protected from paying damages to people who have claims against property damage or personal physical injury. If you think about the costs needed to satiate people’s perception of how much damage they should be paid, you’ll be grateful that you have a Contractors Liability coverage to take care of the settlement. If not, you’ll be paying these sums out of your own pockets and if the total is significant enough, you may just end up losing your business.

Workers Compensation Insurance

You also have to take care of your own people, your employees, and workers, in cases when they themselves are the victims of work-related accidents especially in a high-risk job like in logging companies. They will be entitled to worker’s compensation which is why there is such a thing called Workers Compensation insurance which you need to make sure you get. Workers Compensation will take care of paying your employees’ medical expenses when they’re hospitalized due to injuries from work-related accidents. If in case of hospitalization isn’t enough and the injured patient needs to stay home while recuperating, you may be also expected to pay for his salaries and wages despite him not being able to work. If the accident results in death, his remaining family members will be entitled to funeral benefits and you may also be required to pay for his burial and funeral expenses. If you consider just how much these can cost, and if it’s a worst case scenario, you just might bankrupt your company from paying these from your own pocket.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

You also need to protect your property and your cargo when you have to transport the trees, lumber, and timber to and from their intended destination. Inland marine insurance is perfect for you because it can insure your cargo while in transit. You can’t afford to be lax about equipment insurance because it can really help save your business.

If you have any questions about any of these Logging Insurance policies, we are available to provide you with answers anytime at your convenience. Simply give us a call at or request an online quote and we will be glad to discuss your insurance options with you at the soonest possible time.