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Manufacturers Insurance

Do you know that the United States is one of the biggest producers in the world? In fact, based on the data provided by World Bank through the National Association of Manufacturers, we rank first, contributing more than 18 percent to the world’s economy. And thanks to globalization as well as updates on technology, manufacturing goods and delivering them overseas have become extremely fast and easy. Protect your business with Manufacturers Insurance.

Manufacturers Insurance Coverage

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Also known as inland marine insurance, it protects items that are delivered across the seas, such as equipment you need to run your manufacturing business smoothly. If you choose the right manufacturers insurance, the coverage may even extend to in-land transport. This manufacturers insurance is also perfect for those who are engaged in export. If something happens to the goods while in transit, you can count on your insurance to cover expenses and even losses.

Workers Compensation

A manufacturing company would not run without any employee. Most states, therefore, suggest a worker’s compensation coverage. As its name implies, this is specially designed to cover the future needs of your employees. Accidents may happen while at work; they may also develop illnesses or disabilities that are related to the kind of job they perform. As an employer, it is your responsibility to help them financially. But instead of using your own cash and other assets, you and the employee can simply file a claim against worker’s compensation. Immediate family members can also serve as beneficiaries in case the employee dies.

Contractor Bonds

If you are having a hard time closing deals, perhaps you need to apply for contractor’s bonds. These come in different forms, though one of the most popular is the performance bond. This assures your client you are committed to the task at hand and ready to meet their specifications. Simply put, a bond increases credibility or boosts trustworthiness level.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a must for any contractor, especially when you are running a manufacturing business. The product may be substandard, harming people and property, or the equipment may injure a bystander. To fulfill their need for compensation, you can use the general liability insurance.

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