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Masonry Insurance

Though masonry and the rest of the construction industry suffered heavily a few years ago because of real estate collapse, it has picked up lately. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the demand for masonry work will increase up to 40 percent within the next 8 years. As the population grows, more hospitals, schools, homes, and office buildings should be built. Moreover, the country is bent in competing globally, and construction is one of the best ways to increase the GDP.

So if you’re looking for a great contracting business, then you already have the answer you need. What you need to concentrate on is to know what types of insurance to get and where to find them.

What Insurance Are You Talking About?

Because not all states demand any commercial insurance, some contractors prefer to go about their daily routine without one. However, this is a very dangerous practice, more so if you’re just a small enterprise. You don’t have the profit and the asset to cover any potential event that needs money, such as the death of an employee, your company vehicle’s accident, or damage to public property while an employee is currently in the line of duty.

You can expect yourself to get entangled in a series of lawyers’ meetings and demand for compensation. Unless you have accumulated enough wealth, you may not have any other choice but to sell your company and declare bankruptcy.

But What Kind?

You do have plenty of options, but to begin, you should apply for a worker’s compensation insurance. It’s expected you’ll have 3 or more employees. This type of insurance covers almost all sorts of injuries, as well as expenses during hospitalization and long-term treatment. The compensation may be claimed if the employee becomes disabled temporarily or permanently; it works in lieu of his regular income.

A general liability insurance policy these days is mandatory, as it protects a lot of things: you, the public, the business, and the employee. If something happens at work—somebody met an accident in the work site, or the vehicle, for some reason, rammed into a public property such as a home or a light post—the insurance package covers all the related costs and prevents aggrieved parties from running after personal and well-protected commercial assets, including future income.

If your contracting business covers nationwide, it’s best to invest in commercial auto insurance. The details of the policy depend on the model or age of the vehicle and location of the business, among other things. In general, it provides coverage for personal injury and property damage.

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