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Painters Insurance

Being a painter can be a tiring but fulfilling job. You are able to make a difference in the homes and buildings of your clients but the job itself can be risky and dangerous especially if you consider the requirements for some jobs. On some days, you need to be outside in very hot weather, at heights normal people won’t even dream of climbing. On other days, you can be inside homes, protected from the weather but still having to deal with transporting your paints and tools to get to your clients’ places. For your personal safety and protection, it’s never too late to shop for Painters Insurance.

Important Painters Insurance Policies

Contractor Bonds

A very important insurance to get is a professional contractor bond for painters. It is basically an instrument, which strengthens your professional reputation to your clients since it guarantees that you can finish the job and if in the event that you can’t, the bonding company, which you got the bond from, will still pay your clients. The bonds are usually dependent on the scope of work of the contract and how much the contract’s total costs are.

General Liability

Another type of insurance that’s perfect for painters and that’s a necessity if you want to continue your profession is the Commercial General Liability. Commercial General Liability is the insurance policy that protects you against third party liability. When in the course of your work, you accidentally hurt someone or someone’s property; you may be sued for damages because of it. When you have the protection of this type of insurance, the compensation for the said damages will be coming out of the insurance company’s pockets and not yours. This is especially helpful if you want to protect your interests and your profits. For a small investment, your business will be safe and sound.

Commercial general liability insurance is your protection when someone gets hurt as a result of your work. For instance, it’s not hard to imagine a can of paint falling on someone’s head while you’re painting a house or a building and that no matter how well you try to safeguard your work environment, there will always be something that can go wrong while doing your job.

It’s not just physical bodily harm that can affect a person. You could (for simple illustrative purposes) also fall accidentally on a person’s car or house. Or, if not a can of paint, your ladder can also tip over and hit someone else’s property. For damages like these, you may have to pay out of your own pocket to appease the injured party. That is why commercial general liability is very important.

If you’re in need of Painters Insurance, look no further than Contractors Connection. We’re here to provide you with the information you need to help you decide on the insurance policies that are suitable for your chosen profession. Should you need a consultation, you are only a phone call or a free online quote.