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Staffing Insurance

Don’t be scared of the robots and threats of retrenchment yet. More companies are in need of people to help them build their empires locally and globally. If you’re a staffing contractor, then this is such an excellent opportunity for you.

But before you even think about expanding your business, make sure that you have any or all of these staffing insurance policies:

Employment Insurance

As a staffing company, you’re dealing with hundreds of employees who are assigned to various companies. Though you have a pretty good idea of how they fare over there, at the end of the day, it’s your client’s call whether to let go of the employee or not. That could have been fine as it’s the course of life—until the employee decides to sue you for breach of contract, negligence, discrimination, or anything he can think of.

You surely don’t want your business to be involved in a legal mess, but should you find yourself in it, it’s best if you already have employment insurance. It takes care of your legal-financial needs (e.g., lawyers’ fees) and claims (if the respondent wins in court).

Workers Compensation

Whether to get workers compensation or not depends on your agreement with the client. Some of them are gracious enough to apply for one. But if the deployed staff still remains your employee, obtain one.

No job is easy and un-risky. Accidents can happen at any time and to anyone, such as your employees. Workers compensation isn’t just mandatory in many states, but it is also a form of protection for you and the employee. The coverage is useful during hospitalization, treatment, disability, loss of income, and even death.

Commercial Building Insurance

You need this if you own the office. Otherwise, the landlord should apply for commercial building insurance. Your office space is an asset that should be defended against threats, both man-made and natural (like storms, acts of terrorism, floods, and earthquakes). Some providers may extend coverage to building contents, such as furniture and equipment. The insurance is also useful for upkeep.

Professional Liability Insurance

You can never predict clients. They may file a complaint or take you to court for the financial loss they may have suffered because of your so-called negligence. Or you may have forgotten to do something important, which resulted in a catastrophe. Your fair judgment failed so you gave someone who didn’t have the right skill set. Avoid paying more than you can afford this insurance.

Protect Your Business Today

Nothing is indeed more horrifying to wake up one day all your troubles have taken everything that makes up your business. The good thing is you can avoid them by getting the right insurance policies ASAP. is here to help you. We are one of the very few companies that specialize in small contractors operating all over the country, but unlike them, we have been doing this for around 30 years. In other words, we have the credibility, name, and track record. We also have the trust of our awesome partners like Travelers, Zurich, Employers, and AmTrust North America.

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