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Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

Swimming pools in homes and recreational facilities no doubt bring never-ending entertainment and physical wellness to the people who use them. To appreciate them even more, you need to know that building and installing pools also entail considerable risk when they’re being constructed. Contractors need to design the pool, prepare the earth, lay out its foundation and continue building on the site until you have a finished project. In order to protect all that you’re trying to accomplish, you need to get the right Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance coverage for those unforeseeable events that can befall your workers, your materials, and the rest of the public.

Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance Policies

Workers Compensation Insurance

You can’t build a pool without the right team of people building it. You rely on your workers to start and finish the job to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of the client. If it happens that an accident on the job happens to your workers, you need to prepare for the settlement that will ensue because of it. Your Workers Compensation insurance coverage should be able to take care of the expenses related to the claims for damages from the injured parties. Most common settlements include payment of medical bills while in the hospital, payment of salaries and wages while recuperating and unable to work and payment of funeral expenses and death benefits to the immediate kin of a worker who dies from a work-related accident. These costs may rise to astonishing proportions and if you don’t want to shoulder them straight from the company’s operating expenses then you really should make sure that you have adequate Workers Compensation insurance coverage to take care of the situation.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

One other element that is vital to your construction of swimming pools is the materials that will be used in building the pool. You also have to get insurance to cover them in the event of theft, destruction and even while they’re in transit from your warehouse to your job site. You can’t afford to be delayed from finishing your project so any mishaps caused by these events need to be addressed promptly. Your insurance company can provide the help you need for these instances.

General Liability Insurance

Aside from protecting your workers from accidents and deaths while on the job, you also need to protect the public who are in the vicinity of your job site. They too can be involved in accidents while the swimming pool is being constructed so it will be wise to get insurance to protect yourself from claims against injured parties and damaged properties. A General Liability insurance will suffice for regular claims for compensation. But for added protection, you can also include a Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance policy.

There are other finer details when it comes to insurance for swimming pool installing companies. You may wish to inquire about our services and what our company can offer you in this regard. Feel free to contact us either through phone at us or request an online quote so we can guide you on your way to getting the right insurance coverage for your swimming pool installing business.