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Welding Insurance

It’s nice to be your own boss and have your own business. You are as good as the time you put into your business and if you’re a welder, your finished jobs speak for how professional and business-minded you are. Part of being a good businessman is having the right insurance coverage for the business. Welders may not have the same risks as bigger companies, simply because of the scope of work or number of employees under them but they carry probably the same risks to people and property. Take the time to know the insurance policies you can get to protect yourself and your business.

Potential clients will normally check if you have insurance when you approach them for a job. Insurance policies are there to protect both you and your clients in the event of an accident, or an unfinished contract, or damage to properties. It is only natural to want a guarantee for investment so it would be prudent to have your own Welding Insurance policies for your business.

Welding Insurance Policies

General Liability Insurance

One of the most common insurance policies that welders need to have is General Liability Protection. What this gives you is protected from having to cough out your own money as payment for damages to people and property. Though you may take all the necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe work environment, sometimes accidents still happen. Consider too that your profession can initiate fire and if things get out of hand, it’s most likely that people and property will be hurt and destroyed. When you’re covered under General Liability insurance, you are able to file for compensation for damages. It is also applicable when the welding job that you did malfunctions or gets broken and in turn, results in damages to people and property.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

As a welder, your tools are important in letting you do your job. As such, you need to insure them to protect them against theft and breaking down because, without your tools, you won’t be able to accomplish the job that you need to do. Having Tool Insurance can help you get back the money and replace the Tool so that the job can still continue as usual.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you employ other welders under you, it will be prudent to get Workers Compensation Insurance as well. Not only do you need to protect the public from accidents caused by your work but you also need to care for your workers. Workers Compensation allows them to receive benefits like payment of medical expenses for the treatment of their injuries, hospitalization expenses if the injuries are more severe and death benefits and funeral expenses if the accident results in the death of your worker.

There are other add-ons to Welding Insurance so it may be to your advantage to call us for a consultation. We will be able to discuss your various options and help you make an informed decision about the right insurance for your welding business. So call us at us or request an online quote.